About Bail Bonds

Helping others post bond, or getting charged yourself, is a frustrating and stressful scenario involving a lot of time and legal and financial intervention. When a prisoner is brought in, typical concerns emerge at first regarding bail bonds and how to get bailed out of prison. Below are 5 commonly asked queries about bail bonds and bail bond operation.Interested readers can find more information about them at Apex Bail Bonds of Halifax VA

How much does My Bail cost?

It all depends on the condition you are in and in which allegation you were detained. The standard bail rate is 10 to 15 per cent of the value of the initial warrant. So if the amount of a person’s bond is $5,000, then its bail cost would be $500. That’s when ten per cent of the bond is. If the rate is 15 percent, then $750 would be the bond amount. State law mandates these percentage rates, which is why they may differ from state to state.

How long do I have to stay in jail until I can post Bail?

The amount of time you spend in your county jail depends on a multitude of variables. Whether you have prior convictions on the background if you appear to be sitting for court on outstanding cases, typically the prison period would rise. If you are arrested on other charges while awaiting trial, you may be held until your next court date, and bail will be banned, but this varies case by case.

If you are arrested on charges of alcohol, bail is refused for at least 8-9 hours , depending on your state. To be released a prisoner must remain stable, and if 8 or 9 hours is not enough time, a criminal should be treated further until bail is allowed. To be bailed out you have to be processed, but you have to be sober to be processed.

If you are arrested on charges of battery or resisting arrest charges, a judge can entirely deny your bail opportunity and keep you locked up until your court date. Court hearings can be set in as early as one week, or one month in certain specific situations. It will also also take longer based on the volume of traffic going into the jail.

May I call someone for assistance from the Jail?

Hey. Many people get misinformed if they think they’re getting only one phone call in prison. The jail would encourage you to make as many calls as you want, as long as the line isn’t jammed up too much. A pay telephone is also the only available telephone, so gathering calls is the only option for inmates. However, something to take notice of is that certain vendors of mobile phones do not accept calls being received. Once charged, it is advised to dial a nearby number that will accommodate the set of messages, such as the home phone line of a relative or acquaintance. If you don’t have a home phone line, a bail bond company can offer help at any time and accepts calls from jail.

When you are attempting to bail out a relative or loved one from prison, and your mobile phone service requires you to receive calls, they may ask you to set up a favorable balance account to take more than one prison call. This means that third-party companies or your cell phone provider will order a $20 or $30 upfront fee to accept more incoming calls from the jail. That is another case where a bail bond firm will help obtain prison calls.

Who will Jail Me Bail?

A relative, family member, prosecutor, or bail bond firm can post bail for you if you’re arrested. The requirements say a person must be 18 years of age or older and have a legitimate photo I d to bail out anyone from jail. A citizen might fail to post bail for anyone, or may co-sign to bail a criminal out of jail because they believe the prisoner might be a danger of escape, and might miss their court dates. When that is to arise, it is the duty of the co-signer to testify before any of the available trial appearances so they can get the suspect up to hand them over. They’ll still be kept liable to the bail agent for their total bond number.