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If you’ve ever been faced with an accusation, you’re probably wondering what you can do to stop being in that prison cell before your court date. Let’s face it is not exactly swift justice. Fortunately there is a way for you to avoid the hassles of sitting locked up for months or weeks at a time, in most cases. In most cases, you can pay the court a set amount of money to be allowed to walk free until your court appearance, unless you’re a crime or your history is prevented. Bail bonds are doing exactly that.Connecticut Bail Bonds is one of the authority sites on this topic.

But how are bail bonds working? Well, this is pretty simple. If you’ve been arrested for a crime which doesn’t necessarily mean you’re guilty. Since the wheels of justice don’t turn as fast as one wants once you’re booked, you can usually go to the judge for hearing to determine if you have to stay in jail or walk free until your court date. There will be no evidence presenting this initial visit with the judge that it will be a simple money matter. Some instances you’ll be permitted to walk free or release on your own recognition decision. Most of the time you’ll be establishing some form of monetary sum that you’ll have to pay to sleep in your own room. That is called bail.

Bail bonds are when you don’t have the necessary amount of money to be able to escape prison. While some courts occasionally take property in exchange for your freedom, cash or bond is very specific. In these cases you can see an agent if you don’t have the money available. The lawyer must post the money for you, and promise the court that all of the necessary appointments will be made. This is a contractual agreement between you and the officer and the court and the agent. More certainly, the agent would demand a charge of 10 to 15 per cent of the agreement’s sum. Quite often these agents accept property as collateral should there be no money available.

When you signed a bail bond, the prosecutor is able to bring you back to court when you skip the trial. You have failed to appear by skipping your date and quite often court will issue a warrant for your arrest. Each state varies depending on how much force the agent can use to get you back to court.

A bail bond is often the only way many people will leave prison and get back to work and maintain a normal existence. If you’re imprisoned for any purpose this could be your only choice. These agents often get bad namesArticle Search because of the nature of their business but finding a reputable agent to work with can help you secure your freedom.