Residential Painting Contractors

This is a professional who paints walls outside and inside, the trim and porches on a house. Professional residential painting contractors have specialized knowledge in knowing what the right types of paint to use for a job, as well as adding details such as borders or texturing to the painting job. Image Line Painting has some nice tips on this. Some also have the equipment that will enable them to reach high places such as window shutters or second stories. Their primary job is to have paint applications in various homes. They may also be working for a manufacturer to paint the homes being built.

Because of many homes now having paint-free homeowners vinyl siding no longer need the painted outside of their homes. Some homeowners prefer the authentic wood look, and may still need an outside painter to do this work. Some residential painting contractors have their own business, and if they are extremely busy or have a rush job they will hire work out to subcontractors. Other times they are allowed to do all the work themselves to make a bigger profit.

There are advantages of hiring contractors for residential painting instead of having the homeowner do all the paint. Besides getting less painting for the homeowner, the contractor has the special equipment and resources that will make the job go smoother, the paint job would look more professional and the contractor will have staff to assist with the work. Some examples of special equipment and devices which include specialized lifts or ladders, extensions to be connected to paint rollers so they can reach higher locations, knowledge of how to do decorative details and more. In several other tasks apart from painting residential painting contractors are also eligible. They know how to get walls ready for painting by being able to sand and prime the walls and fill in gaps and cracks and it seems like nothing was wrong with the wall when it is painted on.

When hiring contractors for residential painting you want to make sure they have the work experience. A local contractor can be identified by consulting with their local telephone directory, asking for references from friends and family, or by searching online. Ask for their license because they have to take the same exam as the general contractors in certain areas. You should also ask how long they have been in business and what training they have to specialize in. You should also ask if they charge by the hour or the job and if they give estimates free of charge. Get everything in the contract, in writing.