Trampoline Workout Explained

A fun alternative exercise to cardio

We had a big trampoline when I was a kid and all of us children (and the adults) used to play on it all the time. Talk about a great way to get people to work out! A trampoline is a lot of fun but can be a great workout as well. It helps with your balance and overall strength along with a lot of calories being burnt.Interested readers can find more information about them at trampoline workouts .


They can be as fun as a trampoline, they can be dangerous too. Larger trampolines, in particular, can be quite dangerous. One of my friends broke his arm when I was a kid when he fell off the trampoline and there could really be a much worse injury. You need to be careful when doing a workout on trampoline.

Not a healthy exercise for the weak

I wrote some articles about good low-impact cardio exercises like using an elliptical machine or a stationary motorcycle. A training on trampoline is definitely not a low-impact workout! It can be pretty difficult on joints. It’s really best for those already in decent shape who want a good workout.

Not a good workout for the excessive weight

When you are overweight in excess of 30 or 40 pounds then you will possibly look for another alternative. For those of you who are considerably overweight, a trampoline workout is not a good alternative. Instead, choose an exercise machine with low impact, such as an elliptical machine, a ski machine or a stationary bike.