You Must Supplement For Dog Immune System Health

Would you want to treat the cold or flu after you get sick or would you prefer to take the appropriate measures to avoid sickness first? I can say most of us would rather avoid than treat an illness.Want to learn more about Liquid Vitamins For Dogs-Immune-D

Dog Supplements: When Does Your Dog Need Supplements?

Did you know that if you or your pet has a healthy immune system they will rarely if ever get sick? There was a well-known study conducted using three generations of cats that lasted about a decade. Dr. Francis Pottenger performed this study and it is known as the Pottenger Cat Study. He found that the body would respond and age over an extended period of time if healthy foods were not consumed. He fed some cats, raw milk and crude meat, according to the study. Another set of cats he fed cooked meat and pasteurized milk. Year after year the cats that were fed the raw food were virtually disease free after many generations. The cats eating cooked and/or processed foods began showing signs of degenerative diseases in life much earlier and had many more diseases.

The diseases that appeared in us and our pets in the past and earlier had started much later in life. If the body does not recognize a food or develops sensitivity to it a reaction occurs and the body will actually attack the food particles as an invader. This creates inflammation and overworks the body’s immune system. Overexposure to processed foods is causing such reactions and this includes over processed dog food. On the other hand people feeding their pets healthy diets, along with the necessary supplements are seeing their pets living twice as long and with little or no illness.

Ideally it is recommended to have a raw diet but there are quality canned and dry foods that should be mixed together so that moisture is also provided. To complement the health of the dog’s immune system, each meal should include whole-food antioxidants and immune supplements for dogs such as Echinacea herbs, a milk thistle which is an excellent healer of the liver, along with other Ayurvedic herbs.